Sunday, January 21, 2007

From the archives: Yuv-Tal,1985: Mahesh Murthy- Champion of Champions

An old artice (1985) that was forwarded to us by Sarvamangala Parupudi.

The article mentions that " ... an interesting tussel between Mahesh Murthy and Mir Ali Hussain,was ultimately bagged by the former with a string of about 10 prizes in the Art and Literary items"

Wow ! 10 prizes...Way to go !
Thanks Sarvamangala for the article, and Congrats Mahesh for bagging so many prizes that day! :)

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Entrepreneurs' Voice - Mahesh Murthy

Mr Mahesh Murthy spoke to the students at the Indian School of Business. There was an article carried out in the magazine "The ISB Mentor".

We replicate the article below. Way to go Mahesh.
KV Picket is proud of you !

Mahesh Murthy is the founder and CEO of Pinstorm, a company that helps clients optimise their ad spends on search engine marketing sites. An award winning advertising professional, Mahesh created and launched the first commercial version of Yahoo in 1995 and the “Earth’s biggest bookstore” campaign of Amazon while working with CKS Partners, a Silicon Valley firm that went public in NASDAQ. Mahesh returned to India in 1999 and in 2000 set up Passion Fund to invest in and guide start-ups. Some of his investments include Geodesic, which went public on the Indian stock market, Compass Box that merged with Career Launcher, India Properties, and Web Dunia. He was a member of the jury of the reality show – Business Baazigar, where aspiring entrepreneurs competed for an eventual funding of their dream.

Mahesh spoke to the Class of 2007 on the how and why of entrepreneurship. Answers to some of the fundamental questions of entrepreneurship were found after a breezy interaction between Mahesh and the students.

Who becomes an entrepreneur?

A large number of people working in organisations are mismatched to what they are doing. A majority of them make the adjustments needed and serve the organisations well as employees. Those who are intolerant and unwilling to make the required adjustments, end up as entrepreneurs.

Where does entrepreneurship flourish?
Entrepreneurship flourishes just about anywhere. Estonia is home to such hot technology companies as Skype. When it comes to entrepreneurship, location does not matter.

What kind of business should one start?

An entrepreneur must aspire to be where nobody else is. Every single trend about a sector mentioned in the media is a signal that that sector is dead as far as entrepreneurship is concerned. Trend, he said, signals the end. Entrepreneurs must pursue those kinds of ideas that lead to the creation of a product or service which uniquely delights customers. This would lead to the customers evangelising the product or service and enables the start-up to outsmart competition.

How should one start an entrepreneurial venture?

Most successful start-ups are able to bootstrap their ventures with funds raised from friends and family. They develop the ability to survive the hardiest of circumstances. They also hire multi-faceted talent who are comfortable with ambiguity

What motivates an entrepreneur?

As a successful entrepreneur himself, Mahesh said it wasn’t the wealth created that he found appealing but the excitement that the path of entrepreneurship provides. To entrepreneurs, the pot of gold is the rainbow.

As an investor, what does he look for in start-ups?
As an investor in start-ups, Mahesh seeks answers to the following questions:

Can I exit the company? Will I be able to find somebody else or the public at large to buy a stake in the company?

Can I help? Am I in a position to support the company with more than just money?

Can I fund it? Are the fund requirements within my means?

What kind of commitment does the entrepreneur show to the venture? Is he/she committed to it full time?

Is there chemistry between the entrepreneur(s) and me?

Concluding the discussion, Mahesh said that it was never too early to start an entrepreneurial venture. It is important that the entrepreneur get as many people on board as possible for the venture to succeed. The best funding a start-up can aspire to is customer funding, with customers paying for the product or service of the company.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Sweet Memories - Batch of 1980

Mr Arun Sharma has uploaded the pics of his 10th Std farewall party picture (1980 batch.)

We thought that we should store them in our picketian database. We have uploaded these pics here.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Updates :Alumni Meet in Bangalore ( Dec 23rd)

As a Picketian, I have always loved the enthusiasm exhibited by Mr R.A Krishna ( 1968). We asked the folks present for the reunion to provide us an update.Here you go:

Hi Salil and everyone else,

As I read in a poem somewhere in my distant memory, "A good time was had by all!". We had a crowd, if you could call it that, of 8 people totally and 7
people at any one time.

The reunion was attended by Sarvamangala, Padma, Pushpa and her sister,
Surya, Rajesh, Ankit and me.

We generally spent time gossipping and discussing what kind of time we
spent, what we were doing, what our families were doing and so on. Some
conversations started in tandem across the table. Ankit got held up due to
an accident suffered by his friend but made up in his mild mannered way.
The food was good, the conversation likewise and we hauled ourselves out of
the group reluctantly after 3 PM. Sarvamangala and Padma took some
photographs and will put them up shortly.

Speaking for me, there is no generation gap. Hope the rest of the guys feel
the same way about me!

Krishna (1968)

Picture Courtesy: Sarvamangla.

Thank You.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Gautam Dutta - Arabian Knight

Gautam Dutta -Class of 83 (XII) has recently been mentioned in an article in Mid Day.
You can read the article here.He holds the World record for sailing across the world in record time.

Mumbai's well-heeled are switching to flat shoes to sail onboard their crore plus boats packed to the gills with the latest in home and outdoor entertainment. They're coming down from their penthouses and playing in the waters, sipping their Martinis off their sea vehicles. Importers are even bringing the best of Made in Italy, France and the Gulf boats to Mumbai reclaimed shores, upping the stakes for the Indian Sea Bird (Sea Bird was designed for the Bombay Harbour in 1921).

And intensive lobbying means the city may even get a marina soon to dock its water dreams.Says Anju Dutta, managing director or Marine Solutions, a full service and distributor that's bringing in Italian luxury brand Ferretti's, French Jeanneau sailboats and the American Searay to our shores, "Initially, only people who had homes in Mandwa invested in boats. Now it's a viable option for people even living in the city.

Most of the boats that came into the city used to be from the Gulf; now European and American companies are looking to set up shop in Mumbai too because they see a greater understanding and a growing market. We used to sell around one or two boats a month a few years ago; we're now booking around eight or 10 boats in season.

Indians prefer powerboats over sail boats because they are easier to manage, so we sell a lot of those. Also, jet-skis are cheaper and accessible so they are hot favourites."

A member of the Mumbai Boat Show Pvt Ltd adds that over the past two years, over 150 small powerboats were sold in India, more than the number sold in 30 years.

One look at the coast off Chowpatty or Gateway of India confirms this. Even the guard at Gateway of India where most boats are parked (Parking charges at the Gateway, paid to the Bombay Port Trust and Yacht Club are nominal at Rs 2,000 on average per year) has noticed the change. "Season mein to bahut log aate hain," he adds.

Captain ahoy!
World record holder (for sailing across the world in record time) Gautam Dutta is hoping Indians become serious about water. He, and a couple of others are even lobbying for a marina and proper policing on the waters which he says will happen in a couple of months. He says, "Andhra Pradesh has already started and it's in the pipeline in Goa. We have a perfect harbour in Bombay, it's time we use it. On bigger boats you can travel across the world — why not invest in something like that."

Armed with an air conditioner, microwave, refrigerator, double bed, bar etc — most of these boats spell luxury — and considering they can take you all the way to Goa in 5-6 hours, they make an all inclusive vacation package in themselves — for a cost that starts out at Rs 20 lakh. Plus maintenance costs at Rs 10,000 on.

Not surprisingly, the city's moneyed like Dilip Chhabria, Raja Dhody, the Godrejs, the Bajajs, Vijay Mallya and Gautam Singhania already have their own. "Most people buy boats between Rs 20 to 70 lakh, while luxury boats can go well over 20 crore."

But for those who don't have that kind of money, several sailing clubs in the city offer memberships (Rs 60,000 lifetime membership at the Yacht Club, Rs 10,000 membership at the Colaba Sailing Club and the several Navy clubs) and classes for those interested. And if you ask around, enthusiastic members would even be willing to take you on a sailing trip just so you can experience the love of the sea.

Says Padmashri and Arjuna Awardee ex commodore Gulshan Rai (he won these awards for sailing across the world), "I own my own sail boat, but these clubs give out sail boats for members if they want to learn. Every year we see an increase in the number of people signing up for our classes. Also, the international boat fair is coming to India in February next year and that is going to further increase interest."

"There are no open spaces for our kids, so we have to reclaim the waters," adds sailing enthusiast Sunil Lobo, who is about to buy the French Jeanneau for himself. "I enrolled my daughters in classes at Yacht Club and they loved it. I had to share their enthusiasm and we now go out to sea every opportunity we get. It's so much better than spending an evening at a bar, which you can do anytime." Lobo's older daughter, Ayesha, is a national sailor now.

American writer Ambrose Bierce had described the Ocean as "A body of water occupying about two-thirds of a world made for man — who has no gills." Mumbai seems to have found its gills — in every slick style and colour.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Congratulations Rumana..

Rumana ( Picket 1994 batch) & Nitin Sehgal
were blessed with a baby boy on 12th September.
The baby is called Nahyr - Meaning Clear, Bright & a boundless Giver.

Heartiest congratulations to the couple.

Here is a congratulatory message that one of the Picketians had for her:
Ten little fingers
Ten little toes
The sweetest of smiles
And a cute little nose
All these add up
to a very special thing
A baby....
The greatest of gifts
That life can bring.
Congrats !

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Happy Teachers Day

I happened to meet Mr Mohan( 1976 batch) online today. He reminded me that Sep 05 was Teachers Day . He had called up Baljeet Kaur ma'm in the morning to wish her.I think that was indeed a very special act !She must have been touched.

On this special day, the KVP Alumni Association thanks all the teachers who have shaped our life.We wouldn't have been where we are today without you. Thanks a ton !

The mediocre teacher tells.
The good teacher explains.
The superior teacher demonstrates.
The great teacher inspires.
--William Arthur Ward