Saturday, August 27, 2005

Flt Lt. Satish Reddy -The Adrenaline Rush

How would you feel if your job profile demanded you to touch the sky everyday.Exciting!!Interesting!!. Ask Flight Lt Sateesh Reddy.

Sateesh,a Picketian,joined the Indian Air Force after completing his NDA training in 2001.He currently flys the Su-30MKI ,the most advanced plane in the world.The KVP blog team decided to get in touch with him for a chat .An officer and a gentleman, meet Flt Lt Sateesh Reddy.

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Hello Sateesh, could you please tell us something about yourself.

I was born in Hyderabad. My father,an exservice men retired in 1993.Because of his defence background,I did my schooling at three different KVs. Initially, I was in KV No 2 Gwalior for 6 months. Soon after that ,I moved to KV NO3 in New Delhi where I studied till my 7th standard.I joined Picket in 8th standard and was there till the completion of my schooling.

What inspired you to join the Armed forces? Why was Air Force the choice?

As I grew up in a defence background,I was always motivated to join the Defence Forces. During my 12th class I wrote NDA exam. I cleared the SSB and made it to the Defence Academy. I chose the Indian Air force as my father worked for the Air force and this had a big influence on me.Morever,being a pilot adds to the charm.

How was the NDA training experience? What are the best lessons you have learnt.

The NDA experience was great. Initially,I found it a bit difficult but within a month I got into the groove of training.As time passed by,the NDA experience taught me a lot of lessons. It taught me not to give up even when one is in his worst situation. The NDA Training taught me valuable lessions on leadership, team spirit.

Don’t you feel scared when you fly the Su-30MKI fighters? How is the experience?

Flying is a daily activity for me. I don’t get scared.
Every time, I venture into the sky, the adrenaline rushes into the body.
It’s a great feeling to be in air.!Every day is an exciting activity whenever u are in air.

How much of an influence has KV Picket been in your life?

KV Picket has had a great influence on my life.KVP helps in the all round development of an individual.
I played cricket and went to Zonals, represented school in quiz competitions and of course received one the best education from school .

Any suggestions to Picketians who want to make it to NDA.

Remain positive in life and never give up.You'll achieve your goal.

What do you enjoy doing if you are not flying a fighter plane?

When I am not flying, I generally watch TV or listen to music. In the weekends, I go out with my friends for a movie and dinner.Apart from this ,I stay in touch with my classmates. I also attend the parties in the Defence Forces.

If you had not been in Air Force, what do you think you would have done.

Had I not been in the Air Force, I would have joined an Engineering college and am not sure what I would have done after that.

Will you be attending the Alum Meet on December 24,2005. Since you are an eligible bachelor, are you looking forward to finding a life partner in a school mate. ;)

I will be attending the Alum meet.
Regarding marruage,it'll take some time.But yes, I am looking forward to finding a life partner.(Not necessary from school though !!)

Feel free to contact Sateesh at


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At 10:34 PM, Blogger Janmejay Tanwar said...

Satish .......... of the cricket zonals 1996, 1997 .... do you know where the following are :

- Bhaskar (Vizag)
- Surendra (KVP)
- Shankar Tandly (KVP)
- Mohan Reddy (KVP)
- Abhijeet (Lefty opener)

or any other from that zonal team ( i don't remember all the names but i think i still have the APTimes newspaper cutting with the whole team name ).

and dude i can not forget the only 4 i hit on KVP ground, on your bowling ;)

nice to know that you made it TO IAF, fly well fly high mate ....

P.S. If anyone knows where about the people mentinoed above please leave me a note


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